Vitreous & the Lens – a tale of two media

Vitreous & the Lens – a tale of two media

On July 9, 1945 there was a solar eclipse visible in Europe. Shortly thereafter, Professor Meyer-Schwickerath of Germany ( noted that some patients had retinal scars he identified as due to solar burns. This led him to develop treatments that harness the energy of the sun for eye surgery, which ultimately led to the implementation of lasers in ophthalmic surgery, garnering him 3 nominations for the Nobel Prize. In further recognition, the German Society of Ophthalmic Surgery (DOC) named an annual lecture in his honor.

On June 17, 2023, Dr. Sebag delivered the Meyer-Schwickerath Lecture at the 35th International Congress of the DOC held in Nuremberg, attended by over 6,000 participants.

Entitled “Vitreous and the Lens – a tale of two media”, this prestigious lecture discussed how principles of ocular physiology can be used to modify vitrectomy surgery and lessen the development of cataracts.

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