Vitreous Hyalocytes in Health & Disease

Vitreous Hyalocytes in Health & Disease

Dr. Sebag has been invited as a guest speaker to the German Ophthalmological Society Annual Meeting lecturing on September 30, 2021. The title of his lecture is “Vitreous Hyalocytes in Health & Disease.”

Hyalocytes are cells that reside within the outer vitreous body (gel filling the center of the eye) just in front of the retina (lining of the inside of the back of the eye that acts like a film in a camera). where they act as sentinel cells on the lookout for bad things.

Following age-related collapse of the vitreous body, hyalocytes are displaced far from the retina and can no longer play their important physiologic role(s), with possible untoward influences on retinal health.

At times hyalocytes are left attached to the inside of the back of the eye where they contribute to proliferative diseases, most notably macular pucker but also proliferative vitreo-retinopathy following retinal detachment.

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