What Are Floaters?

Floaters are opacities in vitreous that appear as hair-like, fly-like gray structures that move with eye movement and interfere with vision.

Floaters have long been ignored by the medical profession, but recent studies have determined that floaters cause severe loss of contrast sensitivity which results in altered vision and unhappiness.


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How The VMR Institute Treats Floaters

Surgical removal of floaters is the definitive treatment.

Our caring and highly-experienced doctors use micro-surgical instrumentation and advanced techniques to treat floaters with excellent results and minimal risk.



Why Treat Floaters?

Studies suggest that sufferers of eye floater experience a decrease in overall quality of life and would be willing to go to great lengths to rid themselves of eye floaters.

Study findings:

Of 211 patients between the ages of 41 – 65 years old

107  of floater patients liken floater discomfort equal to Age-Related Macular Degeneration and greater than glaucoma, mild angina, colon cancer, diabetic retinopathy, mild stroke, and asymptomatic AIDS.

7 % of patients with floaters would be willing to incur blindness, 11% would be willing to incur death

Patients are also willing to exchange 1.1 years out of every 10 years of remaining life to be rid of floaters.

Visual Impact

Floaters patients experience visual function differences of

– 14% general vision

-26% near vision

-26% driving vision

than that of patients without floaters.

Why are floaters such a nuisance?

Floaters alter the diffraction patterns of incident light and diminish contrast sensitivity

Floaters have also been known to cause vision impediment, distraction, loss of driving ability and even loss of interest in social activity.





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