Dr. Chong Honored With Prestigious SNNO Award

Dr. Chong Honored With Prestigious SNNO Award

The XXIII North-East Congress of Ophthalmology event took place in mid-March this year in João Pessoa, Brazil. The three day event featured lectures, panels, and courses, with the 286 participating speakers, both Brazilian and foreign, as well as 40 companies, 170 exhibitors, and a total of  776 participants.

At the congress, a special award was bestowed upon VMR Institute’s very own, Dr. Lawrence P. Chong. The award, named after a famous ophthalmologist in the north west region of Brazil, is to honor those who have contributed to the advancement of ophthalmology in the SNNO (Sociedade Norte Nordeste de Oftalmologia). SNNO is the second largest ophthalmology society in Brazil, second only to the National Society.

It represents the ophthalmologists of the sixteen northern states in Brazil.

Dr. Chong is the only American to be so honored.

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