Common Eye Ailments and Their Symptoms

eye floaters and flashes

Common Eye Ailments and Their Symptoms

eye floaters and flashesMost people suffer from eye problems at least once in their life. Our eyes are complex organs, and you can experience many different symptoms for different ailments. Here are some common eye problems, their symptoms, and how to make yourself feel better.

Eye floaters and flashes
You may sometimes experience eye floaters and flashes in your eye, which represents the vitreous gel pulling away from your retina. Experiencing this once in a while is normal and can be expected as you age, but if you have floaters that don’t go away it could be a symptom of a more serious eye disease. One example is retinal detachment, which is more common in Caucasian males over 40. The best treatment of floaters is a vitrectomy surgery, which the vitreous gel is surgically removed and replaced with a sterile clear fluid.

Macular degeneration
Macular degeneration is when you lose vision in the center of your eye, and is the leading factor in vision loss across the nation. As of right now, this is an incurable eye disease that is characterized by blurred vision, straight lines appearing wavy, the inability to see dim light, and/or seeing spots. If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to meet with your doctor right away; there are treatments available to slow down the progression of the disease.

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