Dr. Sebag Releases Authoritative Book on Vitreous

Vitreous book released by Dr. J. Sebag of VMR Institute, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Dr. Sebag Releases Authoritative Book on Vitreous

Dr. J. Sebag holds party in Chicago to celebrate the release of Vitreous.

Dr. Sebag holds party in Chicago to celebrate the release of Vitreous.

Dr. Jerry Sebag, of the VMR Institute, held a party to commemorate the release of his third book, entitled Vitreous – in Health and Disease. The event, which consisted of a gourmet six course meal, each served with its own wine, or liqueur, chosen to complement each individual meal, took place at 16, a Michelin Guide 2-star ranked restaurant and the premier venue of the Trump Hotel in Chicago.

The event, which took place during the 2014 annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, honored the 90 contributing authors that helped make the nearly 1000 page book the most in-depth, and authoratative text on vitreous to date.

The book, which boasts 56 chapters with topics ranging from the role of vitreous in ocular physiology and vision to blinding disorders and the future of therapeutics, also contains nearly 600 illustrations, as well as videos. In addition, Vitreous also offers new perspectives on developing an artificial vitreous, surgical innovations utilizing robotics and virtual reality and timing of re-operations, the visual impact and management of floaters, as well as present and future pharmacotherapy.

As a token of gratitude, Dr. Sebag rewarded each contributing author in attendance with a silver-plated modern replica quill pen with a matching base, inscribed with “Vitreous 2014”.

Four were awarded crystal book-shaped awards, each inscribed with the Vitreous book cover on the front, as well as a specific honor on the bottom. Awards were given for “Vitreous Wisdom Award,” the “Vitreous Faith Award,” and the “Vitreous Perseverance Award.”

The night went on to include several impromptu and touching speeches praising Dr. Sebag, not only for his accomplishments relating to the book, but also for the ways he inspired and touched them as individuals and throughout their careers.



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