A New Way to Measure Those Obnoxious Eye Floaters

A New Way to Measure Those Obnoxious Eye Floaters

At ARVO’s, The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, annual meeting, VMR Institute’s own Jeannie Nguyen-Cuu presented the results of our research to develop a self-administered questionnaire for people with floaters. We created the questionnaire in order to evaluate the degree of impact vitreous floaters have on a person’s perception of their vision, as well as on their quality of life.

The Vitreous Floaters Functional Questionnaire correlated very well with the National Eye Institute’s Visual Functional Questionnaire (not specific for floaters).

More importantly, it correlated with vitreous structure (measured by ultrasound) and contrast sensitivity, meaning that the patient’s assessment, as measured by the questionnaire, corresponded to the clinical assessment.

That makes the questionnaire a useful screening tool in search of clinically significant vitreous floaters that can be cured with a 10 minute operation under local anesthesia.



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