Vail Vitrectomy 2016

Vail Vitrectomy 2016

Vail Vitrectomy 2016

The History of Vail Vitrectomy

Vail Vitrectomy 2016

Vail Vitrectomy 2016 at The Marriott Hotel

In 1972, a group of four vitreous pioneers began backpacking trips near Telluride, Colorado. Robert Machemer, Tom Aaberg Sr., Paul Wetzig and his son Rich, and Guy O’Grady took a trip every summer for years. On the first trip, the vitreo-retinal surgeons began discussing the idea of a vitrectomy seminar.

In 1974, it was announced that the first “Vitreous Surgery Seminar” at Vail would be held in March 1975, with the other four as the presiding officers. Participation would be by invitation only and is unique in that attendees must present information that has never before been presented. Vail Vitrectomy continues to be the most interesting and informative meetings of the ophthalmology field.


VMR Institute Presents at Vail Vitrectomy

Dr. Sebag Vitreo-retinal specialist

Dr. Sebag gives a presentation on Floater Vitrectomy

This year Dr. Sebag presented the VMR experience with evaluating and treating vitreous floaters

Dr. Sebag describes his presentation at Vail Vitrectomy 2016:
We have developed two novel ways to objectively asses the severity of vitreous floaters: quantitative ultrasound as a measure of structure and contrast sensitivity as a measure of function. This enables use to measure the condition and legitimately consider it as a disease when it’s severe. That justifies operating to cure the floaters. 
I presented our results in 129 cases, with normalization of contrast sensitivity in all 69 cases that were measured (we only started doing this a few years ago so not all patients underwent testing). This occurred within 1 week of surgery in every case and has remained normal for over two years. The safety profile was 99%. Patients are extremely happy.


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