The VMR Institute Launches New Website

The VMR Institute Launches New Website


The VMR Institute Launches New Website

The new VMR Institute website has improved navigation, content, and will be more interactive overall.


Huntington Beach, Calif., December 10, 2013  — VMR Institute, a leading facility for treatment of disorders of vitreous, macula, and retina in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, launched their much anticipated new website today. The website remodel has been in the works for several months and is expected to prove more user/patient-friendly, as well as more up-to-date than its predecessor.

Dr. Sebag said of the new website implementation, “At this time we are turning our focus toward innovating more modern, simpler, and less invasive ways to treat blindness. We wholly believe this to be an important paradigm shift in eye care. It is important that our website, where those interested in what we do go to learn more, reflects this. Vision is one of the more, if not the most, important of our senses, and those suffering from eye issues should have all information readily and easily available to them, so that they may choose the best course of treatment. We hope that our new site is conducive to that end.”

The new website will be updated continually, providing more interactive opportunity to visitors and will be integrated with VMR’s social media outlets. The hope for the new site is to become a resource where those wanting to know more about conditions of the eye can get the information they need and, ultimately, the treatment or cure as well.

The VMR Institute in Huntington Beach has been a leading facility for treatment of disorders of vitreous, macula, and retina for decades. In addition to providing outstanding care for patients in the Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas, Dr. Sebag, and Dr. Chong also lend their expertise and knowledge to medical professionals throughout the country and the world.

About VMR Institute

The VMR Institute is a state-of-the-art treatment and research facility in Huntington Beach, California, near Los Angeles. The institute provides laser therapy and surgery of the eye’s vitreous, macula, and retina. Sensitive to the needs of each patient, expert surgeons Dr. Jerry Sebag and Dr. Lawrence P. Chong offer specialty care with compassion. Dr. Sebag and Dr. Chong are considered pre-eminent authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions of the eye.




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