The VDM Project Webinar

The VDM Project Webinar

The VDM Project (Vision Degrading Myodesopsia is the clinical term for significant vitreous floaters) is a grass roots movement organized by patients with vitreous floaters. The Project is dedicated to education, public awareness, patient support, and to stimulate government and corporate R & D to improve understanding of the cause(s) of VDM and improve its diagnosis and treatment.

There is a great unmet need to develop better ways to detect and characterize the disease, as well as to develop better cures, eventually to prevent VDM. To do this, TheVDM Project disseminates accurate scientific information about the condition and counsels patients as to scientifically-proven ways that are available today to cure the condition. The project is also dedicated to fund R & D into new approaches that will provide the preliminary data needed to stimulate government and corporate support of major ventures.

This webinar was conducted on April 26, 2020 to inform the public about VDM and The VDM Project.

View the full webinar on our YouTube channel.

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